Salinas Region - IG

Rua João Pena Sobrinho 345 | Salinas | MG | Brazil
Zip Code 39560-000

+55 (38) 3841-3431

Região de Salinas
Região de Salinas

Our region ,
our strength


The Region

Located on the northern part of Minas Gerais state in Brazil,
the Salinas Region is known as an important producing pole of artisanal
high quality “cachaças” (sugarcane spirit).


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The “Cachaça”

Our production process follows strict rules and standards
in order to guarantee an excellent product, recognized by the
Certification of Origin and Quality.


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The Salinas Region is regulated by a council composed of
members and partners with the goal of promoting the development
of our production.


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“Cachaça” Museum

Visit our museum and get to
know our history and traditions.


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Online Store

Buy our “cachaças” online. Our store has more
than one hundred labels with the guarantee of the
Origin and Quality seal.


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Check the news and know what is
happening in our region.


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