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Rua João Pena Sobrinho 345 | Salinas | MG | Brazil
Zip Code 39560-000

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Região de Salinas
Região de Salinas



Cachaça Salineira is one of the most traditional in the Salinas region of Minas Gerais. It is produced in the city of Salinas, where it is aged in balm barrels and bottled in glass containers with rotation capping.

The aging in balm barrels gives the “cachaça” a golden color and a flavor that resembles almonds. The Salineira has a vibrant color and the perfect viscosity, with strong presence of balm in its aromas and flavors that last in the mouth for a long period of time.

Our “cachaça” is aged in barrels for 3 years before it reaches the consumer, it has spicy aromas with strong presence of anise (liquorice). It is a high-bodied spirit, with vanilla finish.

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